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The world moves at a ferocious pace and technology helps consumers to find suppliers and products in more ways every day. A few years ago it was sufficient to have a website, now you have to make sure your website is mobile-friendly and built around what’s known as a ‘responsive web design’ framework.

Mobile-friendly responsive websites mean that your website will display perfectly and in a user-friendly way to any visitor on any device. This means no zooming or having to fiddle with awkward menus or buttons and text that’s easy to read on small screens.

Research by Google shows that >60% of all mobile visitors will simply leave a non mobile-friendly website. And with traffic to websites from mobile devices approaching 50% of all traffic, this means it’s no longer a nice-to-have feature, but a must-have aspect for all websites.


Our Mobile Friendly Web Design Offering



With Snap, responsive mobile web design is not an extra but a standard feature. No matter what budget you have. However, we do have two offerings to meet more advanced client requirements

  • Standard Responsive Design
  • Meets all mobile-friendly website requirement
  • Advanced Web App Design
  • We build a responsive design that begins with mobile first. Your mobile visitors will therefore enjoy an app-like experience when browsing your site

If you understand the importance of delivering a perfect mobile-friendly experience to your visitors, call us on 1850 812 002 or fill in our Quote Form to talk to one of our web experts now.


Our Recent Work
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    Client Brief: UStoreIt had a great website but it was built prior to mobile traffic becoming so prevalent. They were not ready for a complete re-work of their site and so requested that we build them a first-class, modern mobile site linked to their existing content to avoid managing two websites.

    Snap Solution: UStoreIt’s mobile site was designed to deliver all the key options in an “app-like” interface that is simple to use and puts all the key elements in the right places for mobile visitors. Mobile visitors can click one of the large buttons to find out more about the self-storage services that most suit their needs or can click on one of the two call-to-action buttons that are anchored to the bottom of every page, to either make an enquiry or to go to the mobile optimised space estimator.


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    Property Partners

    Client Brief: Property Partners’ old website was almost 10 years old and when they commissioned their new site they wanted to ensure that anyone visiting the website on any device would be able to search for properties and easily review the details.

    Snap Solution: We delivered a mobile optimised smartphone design that provided all the features of the desktop site, from property search and filtering system to viewing all property details, all delivered perfectly on a small screen and wrapped in a mobile-friendly design, making the process of finding your next home fun and simple on PC or Smartphone.


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    Client Brief: Hyundai commissioned Snap to deliver an outstanding and multi-platform website. The main element was an interface that was simple to navigate, no matter what device the visitor was using.

    Snap Solution: We built a responsive/adaptive design for desktop with a specific mobile-first design to make the smartphone and tablet experience as easy and enjoyable as possible. A special button anchored to the bottom of the screen allows visitors to get straight into the car details and they are only presented with the most important elements to make the mobile site fast and slick.