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The creation of your business or company logo is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. Your logo tells a story about your business and gives an immediate impression to your potential customers.

Therefore, this image should portray the right identity for your business from the very start. This logo design will then need to be implemented and adapted for all of your business collateral starting with designing your business stationery through to brochures, leaflets and web.

Business logos need to be freshened up over the years.

After a period of time, it is worthwhile to look at your logo design, and evaluate whether the logo is telling the right story for where your business is right now.


Our Logo Design Offering


At Snap, we know what works for each business and with our expertise and experience, we will work with you to deliver a logo design that truly speaks volumes about your business. We have created 1000's of logos for businesses all across Ireland.

Snap have a team of highly experienced graphic designers that know what will work for each individual brand. Our graphic design experts ensure that your logo will translate across every element of your business from your business stationery through to large signage and every other piece of marketing collateral both online and offline.

We will also roll out your new look to every aspect of your business to ensure consistency across your entire marketing mix.


Our Recent Work
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    EnviroCom Ltd

    At Snap, we designed a logo and identity that reinforces the company’s position within the organic waste sector and its competitors.

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    The idea of the pharmaceutical cross incorporating a leaf was used to that end. Equally, the joint use of green and blue reflected the integration of the environmental with the medical.

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    The Merrion Tree Bistro

    Snap worked with The Merrion Tree Bistro to help design the tree and the logotype, which had to be able to be used as individual entities.

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    Blue Wave Media

    Snap used the elements of the icon button incorporated with the initials of the company ('BWM') in a 'waveform' style to create a unique logo.

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    The 2C Company

    We used green as a symbol of new beginnings and starting afresh. The logotype was chosen due to its clarity and readability. The '2C' was distinguished in a different shade as the company is often referred to as just this.

    The line underneath the text symbolises the radiant effect of one person on those around them.

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    Power Guitar Tuition

    We used the iconic “power on” symbol for this logo to tie together the power of electric guitars and the fact that the client’s surname is “Power”.

    The red and orange gradient colours give the logo a high energy feel.