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Leading edge graphic design cuts through the clutter and this is essential for your business as a strong design image is essential for your brand. Whether it is to design a logo or a brand design, a graphic design for banners, posters, signagebrochures, direct mail pieces, you will require a consistent image throughout all of your graphic design material.



Our Graphic Design Offering



At Snap, our graphic design team will work with you to bring your campaign to life and then oversee the design project from the initial idea to the production of the finished piece. We will ensure your campaigns have a creative edge that deliver results.

We have the highest number of graphic designers under the one roof, which means we can get a lot of creative brains together to design an identity for you that’s truly unique, that reflects your business, sets you apart from the competition and is transferable across a variety of different channels.

Our Graphic Design team can provide the following services for your business:

So for your next website project choose wisely and choose Snap. Call us on 1850 812 002 or fill in our Quote Form above to talk to one of our graphic design experts now.



Our Recent Work
  • Banner

    EnviroCom Ltd

    At Snap, we designed a logo and identity that reinforces the company’s position within the organic waste sector and its competitors.

  • Banner

    Baby Food Made Easy

    The use of soft warm colours gives the overall look of the material a friendly and nurturing feel. A rounded font and simple graphics are complimented by a clean white space. Alternatively for more impact, logos and fonts can be reversed out in white with a gradient colour background.


  • Banner

    Irish Blood Transfusion Service

    Instead of the typical vertical style banner, Snap produced a ‘twist-unit’ banner. This sign uses two posts instead of one to support the banner, allowing for flexibility in installation. The client can wrap the banner around a post, pop it out of a corner or arch it to create a change of space.

  • Banner

    Eolas Technology

    After a design consultation with Snap, it was agreed to go with an iPad type layout for their new brochure. This was decided on for a number of reasons. It was felt that the design style helped re-enforce the company’s attitude towards embracing new technology.