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Your clients like to get something through their letterbox. Think about what gets your attention when you receive a piece of direct mail? It is usually a compelling design and with great copy and an interactive format.

What adds to this direct mail piece is personalisation - the sender taking the time to know about you and your business needs. What really makes a direct mail piece work harder is integrating an online action to make it work harder - use a promotional code that can be redeemed online for example. Teaming up a branded promotional product that represents your business is even more compelling. Direct mail design not only brings creativity but also the know how to ensure that the piece gets delivered and gets attention.


Our Direct Mail Offering


The first step in creating the best direct mail design piece for a business is bringing that extra creative edge. What is going to get attention and deliver an action from your direct mail piece? At Snap, we have created direct mail campaigns that have delivered exceptional results. We personalise, we innovate, we deliver direct mail creative that gets an action for businesses.

Our team of graphic designers are highly skilled and have the knowledge and experience to deliver innovative, hard working direct mail campaigns. From the idea through to the envelope.

Our personalisation capabilities mean we can transform a newsletter, brochure, letter or postcard into a personalised piece of communication with ease.

At Snap, our marketing, design and print experts work together on every direct mail campaign we deliver for our clients – starting with the cleaning of their database, the creation of the concept and design, the personalisation and printing through to the packaging and posting to clients.


Our Recent Work
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    Irish Blood Transfusion Service

    Snap created a marketing piece which incorporated many of Snap’s services.

    The piece was designed by Snap, incorporating the ‘IBTS’ colours with red on the outside, the colours of all the blood groups and inserting a Ceadúnas number..

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    Irish Life

    Snap produced the featured invites for Irish Life. They were digitally printed, gate folded and personalised. Originally, Irish Life was looking to do a gold foil with the invite but due to the tight turnaround time, Snap instead suggested a stylish organic cotton envelope with a gold flex. This worked perfectly.