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Large format graphic design for items such as banners, posters and signage is a skill in itself. The look and feel of these materials needs to be clean and clear so that they draw attention. The message needs to be strong and punchy without being overwhelming.

There are also extra considerations around banner, signage and poster design that you need to take into account. What kind of material or stock is this design piece going to be displayed on? Will this look and feel work with the surrounding area?

Poster design is a little more technical than standard graphic design.


Our Banners / Posters / Signage Offering


Our graphic designers can design a custom poster or banner for you, using your company logo and branding and integrate it fully with all your marketing collateral.

We’ll bring your posters, banners, charts, photos, plans or tradeshow displays to life, quickly and easily.

Choose from loads of formats, styles, fonts, images for your poster design and we will guide you through the whole process.



Our Recent Work
  • Banner

    Irish Blood Transfusion Service

    Instead of the typical vertical style banner, Snap produced a ‘twist-unit’ banner. This sign uses two posts instead of one to support the banner, allowing for flexibility in installation. The client can wrap the banner around a post, pop it out of a corner or arch it to create a change of space.

  • Banner

    Paddy Power

    Snap was able to produce this 5 & ½ foot tall leprechaun quickly and efficiently. No matter the size of the job, from business cards to billboards, we have a print solution that will fit your needs.

  • Banner


    Snap worked with Luxottica to produce a quality product with quick, professional turnaround. The display was created for their luxury eyewear signage and can be used many times for various events. The signs are printed on 10mm PVC and are 1.2 x 1.8 metres in size.

  • Banner


    The large space presented an excellent canvas for brand promotion so Snap made sure to design, produce and install a larger than life advertisement for iConnect.

  • Banner

    The Sussex Restaurant

    Snap produced this chalkboard for this restaurant which has all of the restaurant’s contact details and specials posted right on the footpath.

  • Banner

    Netshare Ireland

    Snap printed the signs on vinyl and applied them directly to the wall.